18-22 August 2014
Queen Mary University of London
UTC timezone
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Registration opening day: 01 April 2014
Registration deadline: 01 August 2014

Registration Fee

There is a registration fee for this event, which is £200 per person. The cost of registration includes refreshments during all breaks, lunch, the welcome reception and conference dinner. As well as these catering costs, the registration fee also covers the cost of the social excursion on the Wednesday afternoon, as well as the cost of a zone 1-2 travel card, which will be issued in the form of a paper ticket upon registration on the first day of the workshop.

Payment of Registration Fee

The registration fee should be paid directly to college via the e-Shop. After completing the registration form linked from the menu, please proceed to the e-Shop in order to pay for registration. The e-Shop will automatically send you a confirmation of your order once it has been processed, which will act as your receipt for registration. People requesting accommodation will have to settle their (non-refundable) bill in full using an e-Shop payment once rooms have been confirmed by the events office. Cancellations less than 2 weeks before the event will incur the full registration fee.

INDICO Account

You do not need to create an INDICO account to register. Speakers will be instructed as to how to upload their contributions.