10-11 July 2014
Queen Mary University of London
GB timezone
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Mixing and CP violation in the Bs system with ATLAS

Presented by Mr. William James DEARNALEY on 11 Jul 2014 from 10:35 to 10:40
Type: Poster


Mixing and CP violation have been studied by ATLAS in the decay of Bs meson to J/psi Phi, observed in the final state mu+mu-K+K-. The different amplitudes contributing to the process are studied through the time dependence of the angular distribution. We present the ATLAS latest results on the measurements of the average lifetime and lifetime difference between the two mass eigenstates, as well as the CP violating phase phi_s.


Location: Queen Mary University of London
Address: QMUL Mile End Road Campus
Room: Francis Bancroft Building: Mason LT