19-21 December 2018
Cavendish Centre
UTC timezone

NuPhys2018 Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings for NuPhys2018 will be published electronically through SLAC’s  eCONF archive, which electronically indexes and permanently archives conference proceedings.  eCONF papers are linked through the SPIRES Conference and HEP data bases.  The eCONF home page http://www.slac.stanford.edu/econf/index.html provides further details.

eCONF offers two options for conference proceedings: NuPhys2018 will use the ePrint Proceedings option.

Instructions for Presenters:

Plenary speakers, as well as poster presenters, are welcome to publish in the NuPhys2018 Proceedings.  All papers must be submitted to the eprint arXiv (http://arXiv.org). For first time users, general submission help can be found at the eprint arXiv site. The web upload is particularly easy to use, from a PC, Mac or on Unix. You will receive a confirmation email upon every step of the process: if you do not, it means you still have more to do. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the arXiv.org server with an eprint number in the form “archive/yymmnnn”.

Deadline for submission of papers

We ask all speakers to submit their papers by 15 April 2019.

Important Considerations when Posting eConf Papers to the eprint arXiv

Document Format and Length

We recommend that authors use the LaTeX templates available on the eCONF web site (http://www.slac.stanford.edu/econf/editors/eprint-template/instructions.html) to give the proceeding a uniform appearance.  The relevant files are eprint.tex, eprint.ps, eprint.pdf, and econfmacros.tex.

The length of the proceeding contributions is 8 pages for the plenary talks and 4 pages for poster presentations. The title page is excluded from the counting.

In the template you should write at the conference, NuPhys2018, Prospects in Neutrino Physics, and the date, location, when the talk or poster was presented. For instance for the Latex template:


NuPhys2018, Prospects in Neutrino Physics

Cavendish Conference Centre, London, UK, December 19--21, 2018


Title/Abstract Preparation

When filling out the required information form, it is important to mention the conference in the comments field. Please follow as closely as possible the format given below.  Most important, the Report Number must be given exactly as below.  Here Smith is the name of the person who presented the talk at NuPhys2018.  In the example, the first author of the paper is a collaborator, not a speaker.  That does not change the fact that the NuPhys2018 report number must give the name of the speaker.

Other report numbers can be added.


Authors:          A. Brown and B. Smith
Comments:     Talk presented at NuPhys2018 (London, 19-21 December 2018).  8 pages, LaTeX, 4 eps figures. 

Report No.:     NuPhys2018-Smith

Final Step:  Important

After you have successfully submitted your paper to the arXiv and received your permanent arXiv number, you should notify Francesca Di Lodovico, Silvia Pascoli and Arsenii Titov of your submission.

How to Cite NuPhys2018 Papers

Detailed instructions on how to cite NuPhys2018 papers, including your own, are given on the eCONF site, http://www.slac.stanford.edu/econf/cite.html.