15-17 December 2014
People's Palace
UTC timezone

NuPhys 2014

Poster List

  1. Mind the gap on Icecube: Cosmic neutrino spectrum and muon anomalous magnetic moment

Toshihiko Ota, Saitama University


  1. Radiation background studies for 0νββ decay in 124Sn

Neha Dokania, India-based Neutrino Observatory


  1. New measurement of the 2vββ decay T1/2 for Nd150->Sm150 (0+->0+) and limit on the

0vββ decay T1/2 from the NEMO3 experiment

Summer Blot, University of Manchester


  1. Determining the Dirac CP Violation Phase in the Neutrino Mixing Matrix from Sum Rules

Arsenii Titov, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)


  1. Constraining discrete flavour symmetries with neutrino oscillation experiments

Peter Ballett, IPPP, Durham University


  1. Searching for Sterile Neutrinos with MINOS

Ashley Timmons, University of Manchester


  1. Why a NESSiE-like experiment at SBL is needed?

Laura Pasqualini, University of Bologna and INFN


  1. Triggering and data acquisition for the Hyper-Kamiokande experiment

Debra Dewhurst, University of Oxford


  1. SoLi?: Search for oscillations with a 6Li detector at BR2

Celine Moortgat, Ghent University


  1. Optical Calibration of the SNO+ Experiment

Robert Stainforth, University of Liverpool


  1. Instrumental Backgrounds: From SNO to SNO+

John Walker, University of Liverpool


  1. UK low-background infrastructure for delivering SuperNEMO

Xin Ran Liu, University College London


  1. Structure formation in DM-radiation interaction models

Jascha A. Schewtschenko, IPPP, Durham University


  1. Influence of PIP-II Upgrade on LBNE Sensitivity

Jeremy Hewes, University of Manchester


  1. In-situ Optical Calibration at the SNO+ Detector: The Timing and Scattering modules of


Stefanie Langrock, Queen Mary University of London; Edward Leming, University of Sussex


  1. Mixing angle and phase predictions from A5 with Generalised CP

Jessica Turner, IPPP, Durham University


  1. Differences between nu_e and nu_mu interactions

Iain Lamont, Lancaster University


  1. Measurement of the intrinsic electron neutrino and electron anti-neutrino components in the T2K beam with the ND280 Tracker

Luke Southwell, Lancaster University


  1. Construction of the CHIPS-M prototype and simulations of a 10 kiloton module

Andy Perch, University College London


  1. A combined limit for the Majorana neutrino mass from five experiments

Pawel Guzowski, University of Manchester


  1. The SuperNEMO tracking detector

Michele Cascella, University College London


  1. The ANTARES neutrino telescope

Chiara Perrina, "La Sapienza" University – INFN


  1. Probing neutrinoless double beta decay with SNO+

Ashley Back, Queen Mary University of London


  1. Study of the intrinsic electron neutrino component in the T2K neutrino beam with the near detector, ND280

Sophie King, Queen Mary University of London


  1. What do we really know about the 3x3 neutrino mixing matrix?

Mark Ross-Lonergan, IPPP, Durham University


  1. TITUS: An Intermediate Distance Detector for the Tokai-to-Hyper-Kamiokande Neutrino Beam
                Pierre Lasorak, Nick Prouse, Queen Mary University of London


  1. Searches for Sterile Neutrinos using the T2K Off-Axis Near Detector
                Debra Dewhurst, University of Oxford