12-14 December 2016
Barbican Centre
UTC timezone

Poster List

ID 1   Fabio Pupilli (INFN Padova)

The ERC ENUBET Project: high precision neutrino flux measurements in conventional neutrino beams

ID 2   Evangelia Drakopoulou (Edinburgh)

Machine learning-based energy reconstruction for Water-Cherenkov detectors

ID 3   Sushant Raut (IBS-CTPU Daejeon)

A hybrid setup to measure the fundamental unknowns in neutrino oscillations

ID 4   Andrea Longhin (for OPERA) (INFN-LNF)

Results from the OPERA experiment

ID 5   Andres Olivares del Campo (IPPP Durham University)

Phenomenology of a Neutrino-Dark Matter Coupling

ID 6   Josu Hernandez (IFT UAM)

Non-Unitarity vs sterile neutrinos at DUNE

ID 7   Ciro Riccio (INFN Napoli)

Simultaneous measurement of the double-differential muon neutrino and anti-neutrino charged-current cross sections without pions in the final state at T2K

ID 8   Antonio Branca (INFN Padova)

The CUORE experiment at LNGS

ID 9   Leigh Whitehead (CERN)

Neutrino Physics at CERN

ID 10  Jessica Turner (IPPP Durham University)

Creating the Baryon Asymmetry from Lepto-Bubbles

ID 11  David Adey (IHEP Beijing)

Physics program of JUNO

ID 12  Eduardo Saul Sala (IFIC Valencia)

Radiative decay of heavy neutrinos at MiniBooNE and MicroBooNE

ID 13  Shao-Feng Ge (MPIK Heidelberg)

Measuring the Leptonic Dirac CP Phase with Muon Decay at Rest

ID 14  Mirza Satriawan (Universitas Gadjah Mada)

Multicomponent Dark Matter in the Mirror Model with Massive Mirror Photon

ID 15  Fredrik Björkeroth (Southampton)

Towards a complete Δ(27) × SO(10) SUSY GUT

ID 16  Gersende Prior (for SNO+) (LIP)

The SNO+ experiment physics goals and backgrounds mitigation

ID 17  Patrik Hallsjö (Glasgow)

BabyMIND: a magnetised spectrometer for the WAGASCI experiment

ID 18  Jack Dunger (for SNO+) (Oxford)

Occupancy analysis for multiple-hit corrections in large scintillation detectors

ID 19  Lukas Arnold (for SoLiD) (Bristol)

Trigger for the SoLid Reactor Antineutrino Experiment

ID 20  Esther Turner (Oxford)

Commissioning of ELLIE for SNO+

ID 21  Jost Migenda (Sheffield)

The Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment: Overview & Status

ID 22  Paul Martins (for T2K) (QMUL)

Charged-Current Coherent Pion Production on Oxygen Nuclei in the T2K Near Detector

ID 23  Jeremy Hewes (Manchester)

Neutron-Antineutron Oscillation in LArTPCs

ID 24  Brían Ó Fearraigh (Manchester)

Constraints on sterile neutrino parameters from oscillation experiments and the Cosmic Microwave Background

ID 25  Nick Prouse (QMUL and Southampton)

Precision neutrino experiments versus the Littlest Seesaw

ID 26  Saba Parsa (Genève)

Baby MIND Experiment Construction Status

ID 27  Tom Brooks (Sheffield)

A comparison of potential electron lifetime measurements in the Short Baseline Near Detector

ID 28  Timo Kärkkäinen (Helsinki)

Constraining the Non-Standard Interaction Parameters in Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments

ID 29  Fang Xie and Cheryl Patrick (UCL)

Status of the SuperNEMO 0vBB experiment

ID 30  Miguel Campos (MPIK)

Testing keV sterile neutrino Dark Matter in future direct detection experiments

ID 31  Fabio Spagliardi (for SBND) (Manchester)

Developing Methods of Charge and Light Collection for Liquid Argon Neutrino Detectors

ID 32  Marcus O'Flaherty (Sheffield)

Measuring Neutron Multiplicity of Neutrino Interactions Through Capture on Gadolinium; an overview of the ANNIE Experiment

ID 33  Billy Liggins (QMUL)

SNO+ Commissioning Status

ID 34  Edward Birdsall (Manchester)

Construction of the SuperNEMO Tracking Detector

ID 35  Stephane Zsoldos (for STEREO) (QMUL)

Status of the STEREO Experiment

ID 36  Matheus Hostert (Durham)

Exploring Decoherence and CP Violation at NuSTORM with eV Scale Steriles

ID 37  Kris Moffat (Durham)

Lepton Number Violation at Colliders in the Type I Seesaw Framework

ID 38  TseChun Wang (Durham)

Precision CP Phase Measurement at DUNE and T2HK