20-22 December 2017
Barbican Centre
UTC timezone

Poster List

ID 1   João Penedo (SISSA)

Neutrino Mixing and Leptonic CP Violation from S4 Flavour and Generalised CP Symmetries

ID 2   Jost Migenda (Sheffield University)

Supernova Burst Observations with DUNE

ID 3   Alice Coffani (University of Milano Bicocca)

The ERC ENUBET Project

ID 4   Tomislav Vladisavljevic (Universsity of Oxford & IPMU)

Constraining the T2K Neutrino Flux Prediction with 2009 NA61/SHINE Replica Target Data

ID 5   Zara Bagdasarian (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)

Search for the sterile neutrinos with the SOX experiment

ID 6   Daan van Eijk (UW Madison)

Electronics and DAQ for the CHIPS experiment

ID 7   Lin Zhao (Tsinghua University)

Physics Goals and R&D Progress of the Jinping Neutrino Experiment

ID 8   Evangelia Drakopoulou (Edinburgh University)

ANNIE Phase II Reconstruction Techniques

ID 9   Wouter Van De Pontseele (University of Oxford)

Flashmatching for the electron neutrino selection in MicroBooNE

ID 10  Aidan Reynolds (University of Oxford)

Michel Electron Reconstruction at ProtoDUNE-SP

ID 11  Mattia Beretta (University of Oxford)


ID 12  Anna Dabrowska (H. Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Cracow)

Study of the Neutral-Current interactions with production of neutral pions in the T2K off-axis near detector.

ID 13  Ko Nakamura (Fukuoka University)

Diagnosing the Structure of Massive Stars with Galactic Supernova Neutrinos

ID 14  Arsenii Titov (IPPP, Durham University)

Probing Neutrino Mixing Schemes in DUNE and T2HK

ID 15  Jon Burns (AWE plc.)

Remote detection of undeclared nuclear reactors using the WATCHMAN detector

ID 16  Tommaso Boschi (IPPP, Durham Univeristy & Queen Mary Univeristy of London)

Searching for MeV-scale neutrinos with the DUNE near detector

ID 17  Davide Porzio (University of Manchester)

Searches for Heavy Sterile Neutrinos in MicroBooNE

ID 18  Andres Olivares del Campo (IPPP, Durham University)

Neutrino-Dark Matter Interactions

ID 19  Charles Simpson (University of Oxford)

Detecting Silicon Burning Neutrinos at Super-Kamiokande with Gadolinium

ID 20  Francis Bench (Universty of Liverpool)

T2K Three-Flavour Oscillation Analysis for the Determination of δCP

ID 21  Marco Faverzani (INFN & University of Milano-Bicocca)

The calorimetric approach to directly measure the neutrino mass with HOLMES

ID 22  Rebecca Lane (Queen Mary University of London)

SNO+ Status and Physics outlook

ID 23  Pawel Guzowksi (Univeristy of Manchester)

The first-ever search for neutrinoless quadruple-beta decay

ID 24  Vincent Basque (University of Manchester)

Simulations of the SBND Light Collection System

ID 25  Ye-Ling Zhou (IPPP, Durham University)

Effect vacuum alignments as building blocks of flavour models

ID 26  Susana Molina Sedgwick (Queen Mary University of London & Southampton University)

Seasonal Variation of Solar Neutrino Flux at Super-Kamiokande

ID 27  Susana Molina Sedgwick (Queen Mary University of London & Southampton University)

Fixing the Masses of Right-Handed Neutrinos in the Littlest Seesaw

ID 28  Owen Goodwin (University of Manchester)

Searches for light Dark Matter produced in neutrino beams with the SBN program

ID 29  Krishan Mistry (University of Manchester)

Testing Cold Electronics Solutions for the SBND Experiment

ID 30  Sara Leardini (University of Padova)

A new statistical analysis to determine the neutrino mass hierarchy in the JUNO experiment

ID 31  Kris Moffat (IPPP, Durham University)

Massless Neutrinos and Lepton Number Conservation

ID 32  Matheus Hostert (IPPP, Durham University)

Smiting New Physics with Neutrino Tridents

ID 33  Gül Gokbulut (University of Cukurova)

Combining forces for a novel European facility for neutrino-antineutrino symmetry-violation discovery (EuroNuNet)