10-11 July 2014
Queen Mary University of London
GB timezone
First Bulletin: 50 Years of CP Violation
2014 marks the 50th year since the discovery of CP violation in
neutral kaon decays.  This matter-antimatter difference has only
been observed via the weak decay of quarks, specifically in
K and B mesons.  To celebrate 50 years of study of CP violation
starting with the discovery in 1964, a two day event on the 10th
and 11th July 2014 will be held at Queen Mary University of London.
The aim is twofold: to review experimental and phenomenological
progress over the past five decades in terms of K, B and D mesons,
and EDM measurements, and to look forward to future prospects
of the exploration CP violation also including charged leptons
and neutrinos. There has been a recent resurgance of interest in
tests of motion reversal invariance (or T violation), which will
also be discussed.
More details on the event can be found at the following URL

Registration for this event will open on February 28th.