10-11 July 2014
Queen Mary University of London
GB timezone
On July 10th 1964 Cronin, Fitch, Christensen and Turlay submitted a paper to Phys. Rev. Lett. announcing the discovery of CP violation in the weak decays of neutral kaons.  This was the start of our understanding of the implications of this broken improper symmetry, and the consequences this has for the existence of our Universe in its matter dominated state.  The phenomenon of CP violation, even after 50 years of exploration, is still not well understood from first principles. However we thankfully have a good understanding of the Kobayashi-Maskawa ansatz that defines a three generation Standard Model, where CP violation is incorporated in the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix.
This event follows on immediately after the ICHEP 2014 meeting in Valencia and discusses CP violation through the past five decades in terms of both quark, and lepton (charged and neutral) sectors and concludes with a discussion on T violation in K and B decays.  The Beauty 2014 conference is held in Edinburgh the weekend after this event.

This event is linked from http://pprc.qmul.ac.uk/research/50-years-cp-violation

Dates: from 10 July 2014 08:00 to 11 July 2014 18:00
Timezone: GB
Location: Queen Mary University of London
QMUL Mile End Road Campus
Room: Francis Bancroft Building: Mason LT
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